St Marys Senior High School

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Co-curricular programs

As well as offering students one of the most comprehensive senior curriculums in the state, St Marys Senior High School provides many opportunities for our young people to develop skills beyond the classroom.

Among the range of activities offered, some are designed to enhance student learning and consolidate academic achievement, while others enable students to develop the social awareness and communication skills highly valued by employers, scholarship providers and tertiary education institutions.

All of these programs invite students to reach beyond the day-to-day of the classroom and actively participate in developing a vibrant school community. Whether student-run or teacher-organised, all co-curricular learning opportunities enrich and intensify students’ overall school experience. At St Marys Senior High School students can be involved in a number of learning experiences beyond the classroom, including:

  • Amnesty International school based group
  • Application to visual arts courses at the National Art School, Dobell Drawing School and HSC Intensive Studio Practice
  • Auditions for dance competitions and festivals
  • Auditions for Talent Development Project
  • Debating
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Entry into academic competitions in maths, science, computing, economics
  • Exhibitions of art and photography throughout the year
  • Peer tutoring
  • Representative sporting teams
  • Robotics team
  • RSA and RCG training
  • RACI Titration competition
  • School-based performances in music, dance and drama
  • Student Representative Council
  • The Arts Unit initiatives, including Pulse Alive, Schools Spectacular, In-Concert Program, State Drama Festival and state camps
  • University and career seminars
  • Visual arts curatorial team
  • Vocal ensemble
  • WSU Pathways to Dreaming Program