St Marys Senior High School

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Our School Council

Our School Council is the prime policy-making body in our school.  It consists of elected representatives drawn from students, parents and staff as well as members from the wider community. Elections for parent members are conducted early in Term 1 each year and these elections are publicised through the school newsletter.

At St Marys Senior High School, it is the School Council that is responsible for setting the goals and directions that our learning community will take into the future. As such, it plays an important role in making sure that the whole community is involved in all the important decisions made by the school.

In essence, the School Council determines the needs of our school as well as the most important matters upon which to focus throughout the academic year. Furthermore, the School Council plays a significant role in assessing the school's financial needs and provides advice to the Principal on a variety of matters, which could include advice on areas such as the reporting of student achievement and various student wellbeing strategies.

Our School Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month, starting at 6pm in our school's front office.